Ever wondered what flight case branding options we offered?

For the past few years, we have been well known for our branding, from a more simple (and more recognised) Screen Print to Full Colour Digital Printing.

Why add branding to your cases?

Branding your flight cases can be hugely beneficial for many reasons.

Matching branding of a product or an event

Enhancing cooperate identity

Adding a personal touch to your case

Easily colour code and/or identify equipment

Add easy to use transport instructions

+ much more

For other options to add some colour, please see our Flight Case Colour Options here.

Flight Case Branding Options.

Below are some details of our Flight Case Branding Options we offer here at NSP Cases.


Engraving is the technique where a logo or image is cut directly into the wood. This is by far our most cost-effective option.

Some benefits of engraving include:

Most durable option, will not rub off and still remains clear to see even after life on the road

More cost effective than screen printing or digital print and still very effective as a brand/marketing tool

Stands out clearly against dark colours looks great with larger logos & text

Screen Print

Screen Printing is a technique where catalysed ink is transferred onto the case through a screen mesh.

This is a popular option and is probably one of the most recognised methods.

Some benefits of screen printing include:

An effective way of getting contrasting coloured logos added to plain coloured cases

Ideal option for having smaller logos or smaller text applied without loss of clarity & quality

With a one-off setup fee per logo, it’s very cost-effective when multiple cases require branding.

Digital Print

This is a photo quality digital print where an image is printed onto a laminated vinyl which is then bonded to the desired wood.

Some benefits of digital printing include:

Photo quality means logos, text and artwork can be reproduced precisely - perfect for maintaining corporate imagery etc.

No loss of definition or clarity for larger prints - Ideal for marketing campaigns, brand awareness or events

Colour Matching - Specific colours and gradients can be matched accurately and consistently across the case(s)

Smooth finish, easy to wipe clean and adhere POS to if necessary

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