Choosing the right material for your new flight case can be critical in ensuring it meets your needs.

Black hexaboard may be the most commonly seen but did you know about our other flight case panel options? As the need for cases changes, we take a look and compare the flight case panel options available.

Flight Case Materials


This is our most popular finish due to its cost, weight and durability. It’s made from high-quality European birch plywood with 220gm phenolic face and 120gm on the reverse. All of our plywood is sourced from FSC® & PEFC™ Certified forest concessions.

Flight Panel

Also known as Astroboard, this product offers great weight saving and is ideal for small to medium-sized cases. It can scratch easier and has a similar strength to plywood. Comes in 4 colours and made from polypropylene.

PVC Laminate

PVC laminate is available in over 10 colours and is bonded to high-quality European birch plywood sourced from FSC® & PEFC™ Certified forest concessions. This finish has a leather-like texture.


HPL is a very durable finish with a thickness of 0.8mm, making it one of the strongest finishes available. It is very resilient to scratches, impacts and incredibly versatile when it comes to branding. We’re able to offer engraving, screen printing or digital printing with this finish. HPL is also available in a huge range of colours and can even be ordered in with a custom RAL colour if the quantity is high enough.


Currently the lightest material on the market, offering 80% weight saving compared to plywood equivalent. This product is stronger than Flight Panel / Astroboard and can be used for large sized cases. It can, however, scratch easier than plywood products but if you’re in need of a large flight case and weight is a constraint, this product is an ideal solution.

UltraFlite is 100% recyclable and sustainable, no glass fibre has been used. 

Stucco Aluminium

Stucco is a thin embossed aluminium sheet bonded to high-quality European birch plywood sourced from FSC® & PEFC™ Certified forest concessions. It has a strong, durable and scrap-resistant finish.

For other colours please see our Flight Case Colour Options blog here which includes more information on the optional colours available.

Material Comparison

.HexaboardPVCHPLFlight PanelUltraFliteStucco Aluminium
Thickness6.5mm, 9mm, 12mm6.5mm, 9mm, 12mm7mm, 10mm, 13mm4.5mm, 7mm, 10mm9.7mm7mm, 10mm, 13mm
(based on 9mm)
ColoursBlack, GreyBlack, Grey, White, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Bordeaux, Red, Orange, YellowBlack, White, Slate Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Navy Green, YellowBlack, Grey, Blue, RedCarbon Fibre BlackSilver
Reverse SideSmooth FilmSmooth FilmSmooth FilmBobble TextureSmoothSmooth Film
MaterialBirch Plywood + PhenolicBirch Plywood + Rigid PVCBirch Plywood + HPLPolypropylenePolypropyleneBirch Plywood + Aluminium

Logo EngravingYesYesYesNoNoNo
Screen PrintingNoYesYesYesYesNo
AdvantagesLowest Cost, Strong, Scratch ResistantTraditional looking, various colours availableStrongest finish, hardwearing, scratch resistant, widest range of colours40% lighter than plywood equivalent thickness80% lighter than plywood equivalent thickness. Lightest material currently on the market and ultra strong.Strong, hardwearing, scratch resistant
DisadvantagesOnly available in 2 colours, cannot screen printThinner laminate than HPL, not as hard wearing.One of the more expensive finishes. Heaviest material.Weakest material, used for small to medium sized cases.Expensive and scratches easilyOne of the more heavy finishes.

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