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Backline Flight Cases

Provide peace of mind that your equipment is safe on the road with our Backline Flight Cases. View our full Backline Flight Case range now.

What makes our Blackline Flight Cases ideal for the touring professional?

Our range of touring cases has been designed with the end user in mind.

Our team of designers and manufacturers have a wide range of experience in the touring world so offer a great understanding of the product and or solution for your need.

How do our backline flight cases accommodate various configurations, providing flexibility for touring setups?

Every tour is different, and every touring professional's needs differ. We work with you to understand the case type and how it will work on the road, and ensure it meets your requirements.

We are always updating our designs and product offering, however, in the event, you do not see your make or model or you would like something different you can request a Custom Case here.

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  1. 6-Way Guitar Vault Flight Case with Slam Lid

    £2,211.60 £1,843.00
  2. Foam Shockmount Rack Production Flight Case

    £2,330.40 £1,942.00
  3. Drum Vault Flight Case

    £2,937.60 £2,448.00
  4. Guitar Tech Station Flight Case with Side Table

    £1,848.00 £1,540.00
  5. 4U Fly Rack and Foam for Peli 1610

    £216.00 £180.00
  6. 4 Way Keyboard Vault Flight Case with Drawers

    £2,937.60 £2,448.00
  7. 4U Peli 1610 Fly Rack System

    £648.00 £540.00
  8. 2U Wooden Rack Sleeves with Road Trunk

    £1,545.60 £1,288.00
  9. Double Rack Sleeve Touring Tech Flight Case

    £1,111.20 £926.00
  10. Playback Rig Flight Case

    £2,126.40 £1,772.00
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