Hospitality Flight Cases

From catering cases to production stations, our hospitality cases can be built for a range of needs required during events. Branding options are available and can include company colours or logos, ideal for when potential sponsors or guests are present.

Over the years we have put together our pick of hospitality cases, however, if you do not see what you need email our team today for a free quote.

Coffee Cart Flight CasesCoffee Cart Flight Cases

Hospitality Flight CasesHospitality Flight Cases
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Kitchen and Appliances Flight CasesKitchen and Appliances Flight Cases

Popular Hospitality Flight Cases

Essential for Events

Due to their durable construction and tailored design, our hospitality flight cases provides a secure solution for transporting and safeguarding essential equipment.

Whether you're showcasing at an event or setting up a pop-up backstage, our carefully crafted cases are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the task and the intended role they serve.

Hospitality Flight Cases Specific to your Needs

Hospitality Flight Cases are designed with unique requirements in the industry they are designed for.

We can provide specialized storage solutions for delicate items such as glassware, utensils, and display materials as well as dedicated sections for appliances.

The interiors of these cases allow for efficient organization, making it easy for staff to access what they need during events.

Key Features of Hospitality Flight Cases

Flight Cases are the armour and ensure your equipment and equipment arrive safely and in the best condition. With that, some key factors to consider include:

Customisable Options

Offering easy adjustments for equipment placement, drawer configurations, and worktop colors.

Size and Weight of Hospitality Flight Cases

Collaborating closely with you to ensure the size and weight of your flight cases not only suit your needs but are practical whilst offering optimal protection.

Enhance Your Brand

Branding your flight cases provides a unique opportunity to showcase your brand's identity during events. We can incorporate brand colors, logos, or specific design elements into the flight cases, creating a cohesive and branded visual impact.

This not only contributes to a professional appearance but also helps in brand recognition, leaving a lasting impression on clients, guests, and event attendees.

We are always updating our ranges of Coffee Carts, Fridge Cases, Portable Bars and Full Touring Kitchens to name a few, however, in the event you do not see what you require or you would like something different you can request a Custom Case here.

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