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Production Flight Cases

Looking for a simple but versatile production solution? Our range of Production Flight Cases offers an all-in-one portable solution.

Tailored with professionals in mind, our Production Cases are ideal for a range of professionals including light and sound engineers, broadcast and streaming specialists to tour management + more.

Designed for User-Friendliness

We have crafted a wide range of production cases to cater for nearly every scenario.

Whether it's rack configurations, screen mounts, worktop space, or more, our cases are designed to align with your specific needs.

Crafted to survive life on the road and to keep up with the demands of touring, our production cases are manufactured in our UK workshop using heavy-duty materials which enables them to stay strong & durable whilst remaining mobile.

Built from Experience

With a team seasoned in the touring industry, we comprehend the essential functionalities a case must deliver and the expectations of users. Nevertheless, should you seek customization, we are more than willing to assist and tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

Looking for a Custom Production Flight Case?

We are always updating our Production Cases, however, in the event, you do not see a version that suits your needs or you would like something customised you can request a custom case here

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  1. 8-Berth Yamaha DM3 Flight Case

    £1,442.40 £1,202.00
  2. Mobile Production Office Flight Case

    £1,806.00 £1,505.00
  3. 10 Drawer Tool Production Flight Case

    £2,534.40 £2,112.00
  4. Mobile Video Production Flight Case

    £2,218.80 £1,849.00
  5. Livestream Production Workstation Flight Case

    £3,986.40 £3,322.00
  6. Video Production Cart Flight Case

    £2,354.40 £1,962.00
  7. 12 Drawer Triple Width Production Flight Case

    £1,959.60 £1,633.00
  8. Universal Mixer Production Workstation Flight Case

    £3,657.60 £3,048.00
  9. Twin 12U Production Case with Pull Out Drawers

    £2,354.40 £1,962.00
  10. 8 Drawer Production Flight Case

    £1,243.20 £1,036.00
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