d&b audiotechnik Speaker Cases

NSP Cases are pleased to offer a range of robust speaker cases for professionals within the industry to safely transport and store their D&B audiotechnik Speakers.

We have designed these cases to be the best value on the market, heavy-duty latches for longer life and stronger hold, heavy duty 30mm aluminium edging makes the construction ultra strong, UK built with an interior foamed especially for the D&B speaker range.

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  1. Double d&b Y7P Speaker Flight Case

    £630.00 £525.00
  2. Double d&b Y10P Speaker Flight Case

    £720.00 £600.00
  3. d&b MAX2 Dual Monitor Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  4. d&b M6 Dual Monitor Flight Case

    £518.40 £432.00
  5. d&b M4 Dual Monitor Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  6. d&b M2 Dual Monitor Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  7. d&b E12-D Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  8. d&b E12 Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  9. d&b 24S-D Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  10. d&b 24S Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  11. d&b 12S-D Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
  12. d&b 12S Dual Speaker Flight Case

    £543.60 £453.00
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