Cutting Edge Custom Flight Cases

International flight has made the world, a much smaller space. Whatever industry that you are in, you can quickly and confidently jump on an airplane and go to your chosen destination. Of course, you need your flight case to go with you. Within a matter of hours, you can continue your business interest in any country around the world. What about any equipment that you need to bring with you? How can you guarantee that it will arrive intact and not damaged in any way? You can with our unbeatable, Custom Flight Cases. NSP Cases specialise in providing the highest quality, protective cases for every occasion. What can we do for you?

Advanced Technology Custom Flight Cases

A huge amount of time, money and technology has gone into each and every Custom Flight Case. What expertise do we use when designing and constructing our cases? CNC cutting technology, digitalised metal saw measurement systems, and specialist hand craftsmanship. This allow us to design and manufacture precise, premium quality Custom Flight Cases for you. Can we demonstrate the confidence that we have in our products, in a tangible way? Yes, we can. All of our cases come with a full lifetime warranty! Because our products are bespoke built, you can replace any part of your flight case, if necessary, from year to year.

We Design in Partnership with You

How can you be sure that we can design and create, the exact Custom Flight Case for you? Because we fully involve you in the creation process. We have an expert team of designers, who will work closely with you from the beginning, right through to the completion of the project. Do you already have a finished drawing? Then we can work from that. If you don’t have a specific plan, we can help you to develop your ideas to produce the exact Custom Flight Case, to match your requirements.

Your Unique Custom Flight Case

Whatever style of case that you need, we can create it for you. This includes the overall dimensions and the internal shape and depth specifications. In addition to the superior outer construction materials, what protects your valuable equipment from inside the case? Our custom foam inserts. We can match the shape of any item, by using our CNC cutting technology. This means that the protective foam follows the contours of your equipment, thereby fully securing it in place. Do you need a combination of larger and smaller outlines? Our routed inserts can give you the versatility, for all of your accessories. There are different grades of foam inserts available to you, depending on the degree of protection that you need.

Versatility of Custom Flight Cases

Are you in the music, medical, computing, or any other industry, that could benefit from Custom Flight Cases? You can all take advantage of our unique, high quality cases. Transporting expensive, sensitive equipment, need never be problematic again. We have something for everyone, regardless of your needs and requirements.
You can contact us on our website, to find out more about our Custom Flight Cases.