Top Tips for choosing Music Flightcases

Here at NSP - The Flightcase Company, we provide flightcases to suit everyone, we even specialise in the manufacture of bespoke music flightcases! The music flightcases that we manufacture are every musician’s must-have for keeping musical instruments and equipment protected.

A flight case from NSP - The Flightcase Company can come in handy when transporting instruments to and from music events and performances, can you afford not to find something suitable today?

When choosing musical flightcases, there are several factors that you will want to take into consideration, including the following:

Guitar cases.

Our music flightcases are designed to be tough and rugged, offering a sturdy storage solution for your expensive equipment. When it comes to finding music flightcases, you can rest assured that NSP - The Flightcase Company will provide you with something suitable. The guitar flightcases that we supply are designed to survive transportation, so if you’re a roadie looking to prolong the life expectancy of your beloved guitar, you needn’t look any further!

Keyboard cases.

As with any of the music flightcases that we supply, the keyboard cases provide a lightweight solution for transporting your instruments from A to B. These flightcases incorporate a safety foam that can be customised to match your exact requirements, providing your keyboard with a snug fit.

All flightcases from NSP - The Flight Case Company are made in-house, making the most of all up to date technologies and innovations.

Drum cases.

With a drum case, you want to make sure that it suits the size of your equipment, after all, it’s going to keep them safe during transportation! Like all the music flightcases we provide, our drum cases are designed to last and enhance safety. The style of the music flightcases is professional and eliminates damage.

A drum flightcase keeps your equipment in place, where you need them, when you need them! If you’re looking for a practical solution, you needn’t look any further than NSP - The Flightcase Company!

Combo cases.

Looking for a multi-purpose flightcase? Whether you’re on tour, moving to a new house or simply searching for a stylish way to store your equipment; we’re confident that one of our music flightcases will suit your needs and wants- be sure to check them out today!

Our combo cases are ideal if you’re playing at a gig or a festival; they allow you to protect your equipment whilst you attend these events, making sure that there is no compromise made to the quality and performance of them.

Any of the combo cases we provide are designed to last, they each come with a lifetime guarantee. Our music flightcases are built to size, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable today!

Flying with music flightcases.

If you plan to take your musical equipment abroad, you’ll need to make sure that you have a flight- worthy solution! Our flightcases are designed to add padding for your instruments, ensuring that there is additional cushioning to prevent it from any severe damage. As well as this, foam inserts will minimise your instruments from moving- making sure that they withstand extreme pressures.

To find out more about the flightcases we supply, call us on 01622 724900 today!