21 inch iMac Flight Case21 inch iMac Flight Case

21 inch iMac Flight Case

Looking to safely travel or store your Apple iMac? View our 21 inch iMac Flight Case range.

How do you transport a 21 inch iMac?

Our iMac Flight Cases and iMac Carry Bags offer the perfect solution when it comes to transporting your beloved iMac computer.

With a range of features to suit you and your needs, our 21 inch iMac hard cases have been carefully designed to protect your equipment in transit and storage whilst remaining practical in use.

iMac 21-inch Flight Case with Wheels

Our practical designs ensure that travelling with your iMac computer is as easy as possible.

Featuring recessed corner wheels and an easy-to-use pull-out handle, with other additional extras such as lightweight material.

Looking for a Custom Apple Flight Case?

We are always updating our designs and product offering, however, in the event, you do not see your make or model or you would like something different you can request a Custom Case here.

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  1. Apple iMac 21.5 inch Flight Case with Wheels

    £366.00 £305.00
  2. Special Edition iMac 21.5 inch Flight Case

    £427.20 £356.00
  3. Apple iMac 21.5 inch Flight Case - Lite

    £321.60 £268.00
  4. IMAC 21 inch Live In Style Flight Case

    £434.40 £362.00
  5. Apple iMac 21.5 inch Flight Case in White

    £452.40 £377.00
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