Budda Cabinet Flight Cases

NSP Cases are a leading supplier in Budda Cab and Combo Flight Cases.

Whether touring, storing or playing local gigs our cases are the ideal protection solution for your cab or combo. We have designed these combo cases to be the best value on the market, offering heavy-duty latches for longer life and stronger hold, heavy duty 30mm aluminium edging makes the construction ultra strong, UK built with a high load rating and protective internal foam suited to your Budda cab or combo.

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  1. Budda 4x12 Closed-back Cabinet Flight Case

    £397.20 £331.00
  2. Budda Mark Nason MN-412 Flight Case

    £397.20 £331.00
  3. Budda 2x12 - Open Back Flight Case

    £331.20 £276.00
  4. Budda Superdrive 45 Series II 212 Flight Case

    £331.20 £276.00
  5. Budda Superdrive 80 Series II Flight Case

    £331.20 £276.00
  6. Budda Superdrive 30 Series II Flight Case

    £331.20 £276.00
  7. Budda Superdrive 45 Series II 112 Flight Case

    £306.00 £255.00
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