November 2019

It's been a busy few months from attending Plasa Show (read our Plasa Show Recap here) to working with a range of new clients and building a whole load of exciting cases (yes, they can be exciting!). However, we thought we would showcase these Custom Retail Flight Cases we built for Mallow and Marsh.

So who is the client?

Mallow & Marsh - a tasty marshmallow snack, available in a range of flavours.
What was the deadline?

What was the deadline?

Mallow & Marsh had an event coming up which they wanted to use the cases for. This allowed us around 2.5 weeks from discussion to delivery.

So what did they need?

Fully branded custom retail display units. Built to the customer's specifications to meet their needs when using the cases at events and shows.

Finished in full Mallow & Marsh branding (which looks always looks great).

What the customer needed.

It's always very exciting working with Mallow & Marsh, as they normally have some exciting ideas for showcasing the delicious marshmallow treats during the events they attend.

The initial outline given by the customer was similar to our recent barista case project (read about our Custom Coffee Case here) whereby they needed to be able to store all of their equipment/stock in one place whilst also being able to serve customers from it when attending events.

The customer had a very good idea of what they needed before approaching us and early discussions pointed towards a production style case, a case where Mallow & Marsh would be able to transport product with the internal drawers. After discussions with the customer, we gained a clearer picture of their end goal so were able to use our knowledge and experience to suggest options & ideas best suited to their needs.

Settling on sliding internal shelves meant the internal space could be used to the maximum, rather than losing space to accommodate the drawers and rails of a production style case. This ensured Mallow & Marsh could take as much of their delicious product within the case for the upcoming events.

Case Specifications

  • 9mm Birch Plywood
  • Penn Elcom Heavy Duty Hardware
  • Recessed Flip Handles
  • Recessed Latches with Padlock Eyes
  • 4 x 100mm Swivel Castors
  • Removable Front Lid
  • Shallow Front Lid
  • 3 x Removable Sliding Shelves
  • Full External Branding
Image Credit- Mallow & Marsh

Many thanks to Mallow & Marsh for sending us some images of the cases in use. Have you tried them yet?

Visit Mallow & Marsh today and see what all the fuss is about!

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