Made in Britain, our flight cases are custom built to your specifications.

When ordering certain items from us, our design team may request confirmation or additional dimensions from you.

This guide will provide tips on how best to measure and provide those dimensions to us.

Why would we ask this?

The dimensions we keep on file are often taken from the manufacturer's website, which can fluctuate or be outdated.

We find it is good practice to double-check with a tape measure (or whatever you have to hand) as this ensures your new Flight Case has a perfect fit.

Tips When Measuring your Amp Head

Below is an image of the dimensions we request before manufacturing your new flight case.

Important Notes:

Where possible we ask that the dimensions be sent in mm's.

Dimensions supplied will need to include any protrusions, feet, handles or screws.

Failure to include these will result in your case being too small/tight.

It is also important to measure your case whilst on a hard flat surface for a more accurate reading

Please only provide the dimensions of the item itself. We always add a small amount of tolerance so excess dimensions may result in the case being too big/too loose.

We recommend using a tape measure (try to avoid using a ruler and adding them up)

Having the correct dimensions ensures your case has a perfect fit and is ready for use upon arrival.

What if my Amp Head has an odd shape?

We can still offer a case to suit.

As all our flight cases are manufactured in our UK workshop we can build to any shape or size.

For particular items, we may simply ask for further dimensions and/or images and drawings to help when designing.

My Make & Model is not listed, do you make a case for my Amp Head?

Yes, all our flight cases are manufactured in our UK workshop so can be built for any make or model.

If your Amp Head is not listed you can email us here.

We do our best to keep our listings updated with the latest brands & you can view our current range of Amp Head Cases here.

An image of our Standard Amp Head Flight Case

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