Taking a closer look at some of our latest projects.

It's been quite a few months since the launch of our brand new website (Read about that here), adding new products and options as well as adding new systems to help make it a smoother process for our customers. On top of this, our production team have been busy manufacturing cases for a number of clients both new and old.

This motorised TV lift case also left us this week. It features a dual lift with stabiliser to house Sky Sports touch screen monitor and full digital print. Some F1 fans might see this on TV soon during the interviews.

So what is it?

A custom-built motorised screen case, built to suit their TV screen, fully digital printing with Sky Sports branding. This particular motorised screen case features a dual lift system (due to the weight of the screen inside) and detachable wooden stabilisers.

This case also featured the following:

Stylish Remote

  • Manual Override Switch
  • Dual Bosch Plasma Lift Motor (for screens above 65kg)
  • Foam Lined to Suit Screen
  • Compartment for Cables
  • Internal 4 Way Power Socket
  • Removable Filler Panel
  • 8 x Heavy Duty Recessed Handles
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Braked Castors
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Large Latches

We have previously worked and manufactured Motorised Screen Cases for Sky Sports (you may of seen it here).

Due to the weight of the supplied screen, for this particular case, a Dual Plasma Motor Lift was added. This allows more support when raising the screen up or down and is advised for larger screens and/or heavier touchscreens. This dual motor lift means we can offer our cases for any screen size or heavier screens.

One of the newest options which was also used on this case and available for any of our Motorised Screen Cases is the detachable stabilisers. Easily remove-able and easily stored within the case, these wooden stabilisers can be quickly added to the external of the case allowing the case to remain sturdy and safe without the need to increase the overall external size of the case. These can be incredibly useful for larger screens or touchscreens.

As with the previous cases, the Sky Sports branding was digitally printed and added matching their branding and colours. Due to the well-established brand, it is incredibly important to ensure we meet any branding guidelines.

Keep an eye in the background and during interviews as you may just see it on TV.

Looking for something similar?

Motorised Screen Cases

Our Motorised Screen Cases are an ideal solution to protect any Plasma, LCD or LED displays from scratches and damage and can be essential for prolonging its life and usability.

With a built-in TV lift, the screen never has to be removed ensuring it's well protected and with a push of a button, you can elevate the screen to your preferred viewing height.

Available for a range of screens and screen sizes. View the range here.


Adding branding to your flight case can be a great way to enhance your company or clients identity whilst attending events or when using the flight case. Various custom options are available upon request from logo engraving to full digital printing and this can include logos, text, patterns or full-colour images. Contact Us today for a FREE Quote.

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